Ertuğrul Karagöl, (b. 16 July 1989, Erbaa, Tokat), Turkish politician and architect. Ertuğrul Karagöl was born in the town of Koçak in the district of Tokat, Erbaa, and completed my primary education at Mithatpaşa Primary School, middle school at Fevzi Çakmak Primary School and high school at Yılmaz Kayalar Anatolian High School. He played in the Erbaaspor Basketball team during his high school education. Ertuğrul Karagöl, who studied in the Architecture Department of Selcuk University Faculty of Architecture for 4 years, served as the student representative of the Chamber of Architects in this process. During his student years, he worked in the Old Turkish house restoration project and Konya Kent Plaza shopping mall construction sites. In 2013, he started to work as an Architect in Ankara G5 Architecture Workshop. During this 2-year experience, he worked in many projects at home and abroad. He took part in projects belonging to private firms and ministries in several countries, especially in African countries and in Ankara. During this period, he served as a member of the Board of Directors at Ankara Erbaa Culture and Solidarity Association. In 2015, he served as a short-term soldier in Diyarbakır. He then worked in Pana Holding in Istanbul for about a year as a project manager. After returning to Erbaa in 2016 due to his father's death, he founded Erka Architecture and Construction, which provides services in the field of architecture and contracting. In the March 31, 2019 Local Administrations elections, the Nationalist Movement Party became the Candidate for Erbaa Mayor. Erbaa Mayor was elected with 52.62% of votes.